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Mumbaikars, The best Personal Concierge same day delivery service

In today’s fast paced world everyone seems to be busy and in a crunch for time. This is where Upraisal errands would help you manage your time efficiently. Errands are one of the most niggling things on the list and people wince at getting it done.

But  often we  find pushing ourselves over this rather small and easy chore to a time when we  need to go out for something else.It’s often these little things, these small chores that we tend to push until later. And before we know it, the electricity bill is overdue and that nice shirt to be worn for a party is still at the laundry. Wouldn’t it be awesome, if we could get someone to run around and do these little errands for us?

All thanks to Upraisal Errands it now possible and you do not have to pay monthly pay to anyone to do it its a pay per task service. Upraisal Errands prides itself in being low on cost and high on delivery same day pick up and delivery service unlike other errand service providers our costs are the lowest in the market but we never compromise on quality.

We offer the following Services:

  • Pick up and drop (Cheque, laundry)
  • Stand in queues (bank, govt offices, service centre’s etc)
  • Stroll in the local market
  • Deliveries: (door –to-door)
  • Repairs: (watches, Spectacles, Phone etc)
  • Personal Errand – (movie tickets, play tickets, railway tickets)
  • Pan Card application
  • Service Tax Number application
  • Licence renewal
  • Passport application
  • Aadhar card application
  • Corporate Errand
  • Paying bills (phone, electricity, Maintenance, Insurance premium
    and a lot more as per individual requirements

It’s definitely difficult  to find time for anyone in a tight Monday to Friday week schedule. And government offices remain closed on weekends and even if you got there, the waiting task is a hard one to bear.

Leave all your chores to us, visit us on – Upraisal Errands Mmumbai’s finest  Personal Concierge Service. 



Getting things done for you – Senior citizen Errands now in Mumbai

We provide true concierge experiences to our senior clients; we relieve their family of day-to-day, non-medical activities that complicate already busy schedules. Whether we are going to the grocery, the pharmacy or the library, performing light house-keeping, providing companionship or assistance with meals, confirming appointments or recreation, we do it in a manner that’s fun, safe and promotes independence and dignity.

This service provides an extra safety net for families and seniors who live in separate parts of the country or in our own community. We are a reliable communication link to help you feel at ease while you are apart.

Our Senior Concierge Service is great for:

  • Accompany to medical appointments and take notes
  • Accompany to shopping and recreation
  • Providing respite for families
  • Sincere companionship
  • Transportation escort services to destinations.
  • Arranging for and overseeing household repairs, housekeeping service, grounds maintenance, delivered meals and catered events
  • Helping seniors understand the mail they receive
  • Running errands and shopping
  • Assisting with holiday planning and purchase, wrap and mail gifts
  • Teaching how to use computer, Internet and cell phones
  • Personalized contact through telephone check-in
  • Assisting at appointments with professional services

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